Silas: 2 years

Where to begin? Silas is growing and changing and learning more and more each day. He’s so so curious and adventurous. Brave and fearless-which often scares Mom and Dad half to death! He loves big and is so tender-hearted, all while being full of energy and all boy!We’ve had a variety of adjustments over the past several months-the biggest of which was starting daycare. He’s adjusted so well to this, and absolutely loves hanging out with his friends there. This was something I was super anxious about, and put off calling anywhere until the last minute. However, it was 100% a God-thing, and He opened up the perfect door for us. Silas’s sweet babysitter was opening an in-home daycare the first of January-exactly when we were needing to start. She only has 4 boys total, and loves Silas so so much. He has a blast there and learns so much. It’s been such a huge blessing and answer to prayer. As far as upcoming adjustments-some are more set in stone of when they’ll happen than others. We’ve been preparing for baby brother’s arrival, which will be early May. Silas is so sweet and gentle with babies, and I can’t wait to see him as a big brother. I know this will come with its own set of challenges, but overall, we’re so excited to be a family of four! In addition, we have potty training, transitioning out of the crib, and getting rid of the paci all on our radar. Top priority is the bed transition to make room for baby brother. The goal was to work on that now (Spring Break), but we’re also dealing with some sleep regression, so we’ll see how it all goes.

As far as potty training- Silas has pooped and peed in the toilet a couple times and is pretty good about telling us when he needs to go “poopoo”.. or for sure tells us right away after, but I’m in no hurry to really commit until after the baby arrives, as I anticipate some regression with that transition. However, I’m following his lead for now and then we’ll re-evaluate this summer.

Aaaand the paci… this is my weakness. While we really don’t let Silas have his paci much during the day, and try to save it mostly for nap and bed time, there are also times where it’s so convenient to just pop it in his mouth in order to appease him and save us both the tears. While I hope to be more committed with reserving the paci for sleep time, I have no plans to get rid of it completely until he’s smoothly transitioned to his new bed.

So back to Silas on the daily.. there’s so much about him right now that I just want to bottle up and remember forever. Like the times he grabs my whole face in both his hands and pulls it to his own face, squishing our faces together. It’s like he can’t contain his love. Or the way he giggles and giggles when his dad puts him on his shoulders and jumps around with him. The way he lays his head on my shoulder as we slow dance to the music. And the way he still comes running, with the biggest grin on his face, saying Mama! when I get home from school. He absolutely loves cars-anything cars! And trains and airplanes. He’s most in his element when he’s outside-takes after his Dad. Enjoys helping mama in the kitchen. He is so helpful-always wanting to throw away the trash, or wipe up spills. Rarely turns down the chance to read books, paint, or play with play doh. Silas constantly climbs…and jumps off…anything he can. He’s basically mastered his animal noises and colors, and overall, his vocabulary has really blossomed over the past few months. If it’s not a word he already knows on his own, he’ll quickly repeat what he hears us say. His memory amazes me to no end. Whether it’s recognizing people, places, or things…remembering a favorite song, story, or movie…or understanding plans we had, then realizing when they have changed or don’t end up happening. Currently, Silas’s favorite bible story is David and Goliath, which he calls “boom”. He calls donuts “happies” since having them at his “happy birthday party”. He daily requests to dig outside, and wants a bubble bath in the evening. He’s still our eater–anything and everything–but the more flavor, the better. (Or just add condiments for dipping). He loves to sing and rock before bed, and always has a long list of song requests-many of which are made up songs. But of course none of this comes before his nightly growl and chase with Dad. Gracious, my list could go on and on… I just love this kid so much and am so thankful to be his mama. While he can be exhausting and is becoming more and more opinionated, I can’t imagine not having him to wake up to each morning and rock to sleep each night. What a blessing he’s been these past two years. I look forward to watching him continue to grown and learn more each day and week and year.