Baby D #2: 25 weeks

The weeks keep moving along, some feeling much slower than others. At 20 weeks, I felt things had been flying by, but since then I just feel like I have SO much pregnancy left. However, with my third trimester just around the corner, I’m sure it’ll start flying by again before I know it. I can’t wait to meet our little boy!!Symptoms:

All the fun ones-back aches, varicose veins, tiredness, constipation. Ha, it’s glorious… But really, in the grand scheme of things, this pregnancy has once again been pretty low key and nothing too out of the ordinary, so I do my best not to complain. I knew mixing toddlerhood into things would heighten some of those not-so-fun symptoms. But! Little man is so so active, and every little kick and squirm makes all the rest so worth it.


I’ve been much more consistent in this department over the past month, and I feel like (most days) it makes the biggest difference in my stiffness/aches and energy. Between 4-6 mornings a week, I’ve been doing some sort of low impact workout-Pilates, yoga, or other exercise videos for cardio or light weights. Thankfully we’ve had a few nicer days that I’ve been able to get out for a walk again. I’m so ready to be able to do more walking/exercise outside more consistently.


Absolutely none. This makes meal planning much easier, too, so I’m very thankful for such a “normal” appetite.


I sleep great at night, but as I said, my day to day tiredness doesn’t seem to be cured. I enjoy squeezing in naps on the weekends when Silas naps, and do my best to get to bed early.

Looking forward to:

3rd trimester–just a few weeks away. I have my glucose test at my next appointment, in a week and a half. Not that it’s necessarily something to look forward to, but it’s just the next “big” thing that I have coming up. Also, I’m looking forward to being 100% decided on baby boy’s name. We have a first name agreed on, and I’ve decided on a middle name, but just have to get my husband to agree. Ha.

Weekly happenings:

We snuck out in the snow the other week and braved the cold to get a fun little photo shoot in. Silas was still getting over a cold, but was in absolute heaven trompsing through the bit of snow we had. My mom helped me paint the dresser for the boys’ room, so now it is ready to go. I love how it all turned out! Now just to pray they don’t keep each other up all night… but we still have a while before they are both occupying the room.