“You’re Invited”

When I wrote my first post, I knew I would be using this site as a way of sharing with you my experience teaching in Russia.  I didn’t really consider whether I would post much before I got there, but after receiving a much anticipated piece of mail today, I decided I needed to keep you all updated on my preparation for this adventure.

Now, you may be wondering what that special little parcel was. Well, be patient and I will tell you.. It was my letter of invitation to Russia, from Moscow Economic School. This means I am officially invited to “visit” the country of Russia and teach.  This also means I need to get a move on with my Visa application. It is quite a process. One in which required a special invitation.  My goal previous to receiving this invite was to have my application filled out and all the other requirements gathered and ready to mail as soon as I got the letter. But guess who failed to do all that?? Yup! It was me! I failed. But hey, now I have a little extra motivation, right?

Aside from acquiring my Visa, I am also waiting for my diploma to arrive in the mail (I love getting such important things in the mail..or anything in the mail for that matter…it makes me feel special!) so that I can obtain an Apostille.  Now, don’t feel bad if you are unsure what an Apostille is..I had no clue at first either. But it’s simple, really..just a fancy name for an international teaching certificate.    Needless to say, my Visa and Apostille are the two main things I am focusing on currently as I prepare for departure.

Speaking of departure..I leave in less than 2 months!!!

Everything else is coming along quite smoothly. I am trying to not procrastinate and let everything pile up last minute as I want to enjoy prepping as well as my summer!! Oh yes, who doesn’t want to enjoy their summer? Especially when they are about to spend a year in a region with looooong, COLD winters!! So as I write this, I am soaking up all the sun I can.

But now I’m thinking it’s time to wrap this up.

And enjoy a glass of ice cold lemonade.

And maybe work on filling out my Visa aplication.


Do svidanya (Goodbye)!


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