1.5 Weeks

Can you believe I leave in 1.5 weeks? I sure can’t!  Where did summer go??

Well, just as summer is wrapping up, so is my preparation for departure.  All the paperwork is sent in and processing.  So as I try to wait patiently for the return of my oh-so-very-important documents, I have been doing last minute things around home (and in the stores) to get me all ready to go..shopping, cleaning, organizing…you get the picture.

While I have started to gather items to pack, and brainstormed of what exactly I want to take over with me, my actual packing process will not begin until next week. It is not exactly something I am looking forward to, to say the least.  I’m already beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

Also, my nerves are starting to kick in, as the reality of this all creeps closer.  Don’t get me wrong, I am still extremely excited, but I can’t deny feeling a little nervous and anxious..not to mention the fact that I am going to miss my friends and family like crazy!!!!

On a lighter note, I looked up the forecast for my day of arrival and would like to share it with you all…

Monday 8/22/2011
Variable cloudiness with a shower; warm
High Temperature: 78°F
RealFeel: 74°F
..I’m thinking this will be a nice break from the dry, triple-digit days we’ve had this summer. What do you think??
In other good news, it won’t be long before my posts are colored with stories and pictures of this new season in my life. I am so excited to experience it and share it all with each of you. So lets all just enjoy our last days of summer, and I’ll continue to think about packing.
ps..if anyone wants to pack for me, feel free 🙂

2 thoughts on “1.5 Weeks

  1. Thanks so much for your update!!!!! We are excited about your adventure but will miss you a lot. By the way, I would love to come and pack for you but don’t think I can make it. Just keep up your spirit and the Lord will guide you all the way!!!! Keep in touch! Love you much!

    Gp and Gm

  2. bittersweetness tashy. As I read this i began to tear up (happy and sad little water droplets). I am so very excited for your adventuresome extravaganza and cannot wait to see what Jesus has in store for you. Just know that your dearest friend and sister loves you more than you know, will definitely miss you, and will absolutely pray for you – each and every day!

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