The first 48 hours

Well, this may be brief, but I thought you are all probably wanting an here goes..I arrived safely here in Moscow Monday around 2 pm. The flight went well, faster than I expected, and there were no problems going through customs. Since I’ve been here, things have been a constant go. I’m blessed to have Kristin, Amber, and Sarah (3 returning teachers) to help show us around and interpret..they know a little Russian. They have been extremely helpful, informative, and patient.

Some things I’ve done so far:
-settled in my apartment with Stephanie

-got a cell phone

-coffee at Starbucks

-rode the metro (a few times)

-grocery shopped

-a trip to IKEA

-and an evening at Young Adults (Bible study group)

-and walked probably about 500 miles..not really, but it feels like it!

..I live in a great location-5 minutes from my school, 15 mins from the other 3 girls, 8 minutes from McDonalds (where I’m sitting right now), and the American Embassy is just down the street.  However, my apartment is 5 flights I get great leg work outs multiple times each day!! I do like it though. Stephanie and I are all settled in with our necessities and soaking everything up.

Some first observations I’ve had:

-Everyone walks everywhere

-those who drive are crazy

-smoking is common

-high heels are also common (for the women)

-there are many pretty parks

-and everything is in Russian…crazy, right? ha

Overall, I am enjoying this foreign land so far. I have felt welcomed by both the returning teachers as well as those who attended the Young Adults group. It’s been sunny and about 70 degrees, which has been lovely. However, it will continue to gradually cool off and become dreary, so I am trying to soak up all the sun and enjoy the warmth while I can. I love that we walk everywhere, although my feet are adjusting with pain..I’ve also enjoyed the metro, and am thankful that it is both color-coded, and numbered, so I can learn it quicker!!

My goals:

-learn the Russian alphabet so I can read signs and menus

-get internet at my apartment (so I don’t have to use McDonalds)

-remember how to get to and from the places I have been so far

..School starts in a week, so starting Monday I understand we’ll have teacher meetings and a school tour. I am ready to be on a schedule, and look forward to seeing what this whole “teaching in Russia” thing is about.

I’ll have more updates, details and photos later..probably when I get internet at my be patient. I’m trying to be 🙂

PS..guess this wasn’t so brief after all, 😉

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