Blind Eating….and Internet!!

Last evening, (Thursday), I experienced a… wonderful?? thing that I will never forget in all my life!! I ate in complete darkness. pitch black. absolutely no light. not even the glow of watch hands.

But first, let me make a very important and exciting side note…WE HAVE INTERNET IN OUR APARTMENT!!!! We no longer have to hike to McDonald’s every time we want to get on Facebook, or email, or Blog so that you all know we are alive!! We can now LIVE in our apartment 🙂

Okay, Whew! Glad I got that out there…now…let me tell you about my blind eating experience..

You may not think the idea of eating in utter darkness sounds very appealing, maybe you’ll change your mind after this…but then again, maybe not 😉

So a group of us american teachers and friends went to a restaurant, B TEMHOTE? ..In The Dark? Here’s how it worked.. we went in, chose our ‘mystery’meal. We could choose from complete mystery, meats, seafood, or vegetarian. Most of us chose meats. Then we select which we want from appetizer, main dish, dessert. We opted for just the main dish and the dessert. We then line up and put our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us, and walk into a completely dark room. We are led to our tables and seated. At this point, I am wondering what I was thinking for coming here, and discovering my fear of the dark.  Once we were seated and began to talk, I started feeling some relief.  The waitress told us where our napkin fork and knife were, and then brought our drinks. They then brought out some bread, and soon our plate of meat. Now, please don’t forget that we have no idea what type of meats are on our plate, and we can’t see anything! So we begin eating, and were all relieved that the meat was all very tasty. There were 3 or 4 different types-steak, peppered steak, pork with a fruit topping, and another possibly meatloaf type of thing.  Once we were finished, our dessert was served.  We quickly discovered that it was a sort of fruit, carrot cake, and ice cream. It was very scrumptious. So much so that we all licked our plates clean..LITERALLY!!

Once we were finished with our food, we sat (still in the dark) talking about how crazy of an experience this was, and discussed what our predictions were of the meat types.  Before long, a man came to our table and began giving us back massages. This brought much laughter to our table, and we were certain the other dinner guests were frowning on all us ‘loud and obnoxious Americans’. But it didn’t stop us! After Mr. Massage-Man made his rounds to each of us, he left and we continued conversation. Before we new it, he crept back and began round 2. It was a bit creepy, but we could tell it was all a game to him as we could not contain our laughter at the surprise of his reappearance. (I don’t know how amused you are right now, maybe you just had to be there..but let me just say that was the hardest I have laughed since arriving in Russia!)

To make a long story short, we were eventually escorted once again in our line-order out of the dark room. They then provided a menu to tell us what exactly was on our plate, and we had all guessed pretty accurately. We then paid our bill and made our way home…still marveling about the fact that we experienced eating like a blind man. Laughing and re-enacting Mr. Massage-Man. And vowing that we would always remember this night.

So what do you think?? Would you like to eat..B TEMHOTE?

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