Good Friends and Rainy Days

I am happy to say I have officially survived my first FULL week of teaching. It certainly was not easy, but I made it out alive! Monday made me question my decision in the career of teaching, but when a week starts out so rough, it can only get better, right? And that it did!

Among the many frustrations, I have much to be thankful for: My Heavenly Father gets full credit for pulling me through the week, I have supportive teachers who speak English and back me up when my rich-spoiled students give me trouble, and I have great friends to share this experience with!…and it’s Autumn in Moscow!

Autumn in Moscow means cool, crisp air, and, on days like today..a little rain! What better way to spend a rainy day than in the comfort of great friends. I started out this morning with a small group of girls for breakfast, fellowship, and a Bible Study on Daniel. We had a fruitful discussion on the parallels of both ours and Daniel’s experiences in a foreign land, and learned how Daniel stood strong under the temptations and pressure of the corrupt lives among him. I am excited to continue this study and fellowship with the girls, deepening our relationships with each other as well as God.

Later this afternoon, Stephanie and I met up with a new Russian friend, Alina.  Although it was drizzly outside, we enjoyed a nice stroll through a small park, a National Geographic Exhibition of Russia’s beautiful countryside, and Old Arbot, a tourist street.  Here we were serenaded by random instrumental bands as well as crazy punk guys singing strange English lyrics. All was quite amusing! Because Alina is native to Moscow, she was able to give us background on different statues, buildings, and graffiti walls.

We finished our visit off with a stop at Starbucks. Although we had to pay about 8 dollars for our Grande Creme Brulee, it was well worth it, and a special treat 🙂

Now, back in my comfy apartment, I sit listening to the pitter-patter of rain on our windows. And thanks to the wonderful invention of Skype, I got to visit with my wonderful mother and sweet little nephew.

Could this day have been any better? I think not…I can honestly say I am happy and content 🙂

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