I learned something new today. In the words of my precious Grammy..”I got another wrinkle in my brain.” I’d hate for you all to lack this wrinkle in your brains, so please, let me share.
Yesterday, I had a few students ask me if they could go talk to the nurse and find out when they would receive their cocktails.
“Cocktails?” I asked.
They didn’t explain what they were talking about, but seemed very adamant about finding the nurse. So they ran off and I went on with my day, giving no more thought to the mysterious cocktails.
Then today, Stephanie’s 3rd graders went to get their ‘cocktails’. Before we knew it, my 5th graders were walking around with their cocktails as well.  With curiosity flowing full stream, we decided to investigate what the cocktails were and the purpose they served. We asked a couple of the translators and they assured us there was NO alcohol involved. Instead, it is more or less oxygen.  The air is so polluted here in Moscow, as is typical in any large city.  Therefore, the students are served a fizzy drink of egg whites, fruit juice, and..Oxygen!  It is to help produce more brain power, and apparently it tastes good!
Well, there ya have it, an extra wrinkle in your brain too!
Happy Thursday to you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cocktails

  1. i want a coctail! i will create a “katie version” of this wondermous concoction to replenish your oxygen deprived bod when you get home 🙂

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