Weekend Adventures

The past couple of days have been full of relaxing, watching Gilmore Girls, and some discovering of our surroundings here in Moscow.

Yesterday morning started off rainy with breakfast and bible study with the girls. Stephanie and I are both fighting mild cases of the sniffles, so we decided to have a lazy day in. However, after a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, the sun began to shine and we were feeling a need for some fresh air and exercise. So we decided to head out on a little adventure to scope out our surroundings.  Before long we came across a random Michael Jackson shrine.

After taking a moment to take a few pictures and be reminded of Jackson’s world wide influence, we continued on our way. We ended up in the same park that we visited last weekend then decided to head back to our apartment. Overall, the adventure wasn’t too exciting, but the fresh air and exercise was quite rejuvenating.

Today, after church, we met up with our  Russian-friend, Alina, for another adventure-this time with a specific destination in mind–Red Square. Red Square is the heart and center of Moscow. It is where the city began, and the core that the city is built around. It is THE place to see when visiting Moscow and includes a number of museums, historic buildings, monuments, gardens, and very large, expensive shopping malls.  Some of these buildings include the Kremlin (where Russian Government meets), Lenin’s Tomb, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Although we decided not to go through any of the buildings today (saving this for another day), we enjoyed walking around Red Square and taking a number of pictures of the beautiful architecture and monuments. It was such a beautiful day full of sunshine, and once again, the fresh air did us some good! We are so grateful to Alina for her willingness and eagerness to not only show us around, but fill us in on all the history of Moscow’s buildings, statues, gardens, and monuments.

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