Can this make me almost famous???

In my last post, I mentioned how I watched YouTube videos with my co-teachers of an Olympic Gymnast. I also said I would post more about it later. Well, it’s later so here I am. Hopefully your curiosity it churning and you are all ready to hear what I have to share!!!

As you may have guessed we weren’t just watching random videos. It just so happens we were watching a specific Olympian, Alexei Nemov.  It also just so happens that his son is in my class. That’s right, I am the teacher of a well-know, multi-medal Olympic Gymnast’s one and only son!! Crazy right?? I mean, I knew coming to teach at MES I would be surrounded by students of the wealthiest families in Moscow.  But it has been very fascinating to learn what exactly the parents do in order to have such wealth.

Okay, so if you are like my mother and me and absolutely love watching the gymnastic performances during the Olympic Games, you may recognize the name. If not, let me tell you a little about Alexei Nemov…

Alexei Nemov competed at the Atlantic, Sydney and Athens Olympics in 1996, 2000, and 2004, respectively.  He is one of the most medaled gymnasts, male or female, of all time. And has won 12 Olympic medals, including more Olympic bronze medals (six) than any other athlete. (I may or may not be borrowing some of this information from wikipedia 😉 ) Anyway, it just so happens that Alexei’s high bar performance in Athens caused a crowd-protest toward the judges. This protest in turn caused USA’s Paul Hamm to delay his routine for nearly 10 minutes.  Take a second to watch and see for yourself (or refresh your memory, if you recall watching this event 7 years ago)…

As we know, famous athletes are sponsored by different businesses and we often see them in commercials advertising various products. ‘Tis the same for Alexei.  He happens to promote a Russian condiment called Балтимор (Baltimore).  However, I’m really unsure what exactly this condiment is. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share this little commercial with you all. Not to mention that it includes his wife and student..also named Alexei. So sit back, watch, and enjoy. (Don’t worry, this video is quite a bit shorter than the first!!)

Oh did I mention that I actually SAW Alexei at the school the other day. Sadly, it was prior to knowing this tid-bit of info on his fame and talent.  I’ve seen his wife numerous times and she’s quite a nice lady.  But now that I am informed, I can only hope that Alexei makes an appearance again as well.  Aaaand, I might have a secret goal to get his autograph..or at least talk to the man! 🙂

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