National Coffee Day..From Russia to USA

Today is National Coffee Day!

I was unaware of this until I had a marvelous Skype date with my dear mother and she graciously informed me of the wonderful news! It has been quickly added to my list of favorite holidays..Right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I love coffee. I love the smell of coffee. I love the taste of coffee. I drink it black. I drink it in the form of flavorful lattes. At this time of year I typically enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from Starbucks. Sadly, Russia is clueless when it comes to the greatness of PSL’s. (Really they don’t appreciate pumpkin in general, as we do in the states!) So I am greatly missing the deliciousness this year. However, I am able to enjoy other seasonal flavors and only slightly suffering from the lack of pumpkin in my life…and coffee.

This wonderful holiday brought along a sweet conversation with one of my students, Polina.  It really brightened my day so I thought I would share it with you…

I was sitting at my computer browsing through various e-cards to wish a few friends a happy coffee day. In doing so, I was completely unaware that any of my students were paying attention to what was on my screen.  However, I was soon awakened from this naivety as Polina gasped and questioned excitedly, “Is it Coffee Day in America too?!?!?” I looked over my shoulder to see her standing bright-eyed and a smile beaming from ear to ear.

“It sure is!” I replied. “Do you like coffee?”

“ And you?”

Did she know who she was talking to??

“Of course!” I quickly exclaimed. “Which do you like better, tea or coffee??”

“Tea,” my sweet girl answered, “but I like coffee too.”

“Well,” I said, “I like tea, but I looooove coffee!”

Polina continued smiling brightly then turned as if she was finished with our conversation and ready to move on to her friends. I too began to turn my attention back to my computer, but was quickly interrupted once again.

“Well Happy Coffee Day to you!” Polina said…still with the biggest smile ever!

I thanked her, wished her the same, then watched her scamper off to her friends.  Of course by now, I too had a smile on my face and new this would be a wonderful day! 🙂

I hope all you coffee-lovers enjoy this wonderful day. And if you don’t like coffee..well, please don’t tell me. It could be detrimental to our friendship.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go grab another cup of coffee for myself, 🙂

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