You’ve Got Mail

So a couple weeks ago (October 5th to be exact) I got a nice little slip in my mail box informing me that I had a much anticipated package waiting for me in the post office. Because I was expecting this package, I had already scoped out the post office so I would know exactly where to head once I received my notification. It just so happened that we have a post office 2 buildings away from my apartment. So the next day, I could hardly wait to stop by after school and pick up my mail. Of course nothing can be so easy here in Moscow, and I was redirected to ‘Barakadnaya Metro’.  I looked online to find the address of a post office near said metro, but due to a busy schedule and rainy days, it was another week before I got around to searching for this post office. So finally this past Tuesday, after getting a second slip in my mail box, reminding me of my awaiting package, I headed out to where I thought I would find the correct post office. Once again, I struck out. I found the building I was looking for, but absolutely no sign of a post office. Frustrated, impatient, and feeling extremely helpless, I told Kristin (who has been here for 3 years now) my dilemma and asked for a little assistance. She graciously took a look at my slip, found where the REAL address was written, and looked up online where this mysterious post office was located. So once again, this evening, we set out, map in hand, to find the post office AND my package. I was determined to NOT come home empty handed again. Thankfully for me, it was ‘3rd time’s a charm’ rather than ‘3 strikes you’re out’! After a 15-20 minute walk we came upon the post office and I successfully received my package.

such a beautiful sight after waiting two weeks to gain posession

Another 15-20 minute trek home and I couldn’t wait to tear in and see what was waiting for me!  Rest assured Mom, everything was in so nice, neat, and compact! I’m pretty sure it was not picked through!!

can’t get enough of this magazine!!

While I absolutely love BHG Magazine, I did NOT take time to flip through it before discovering the rest of my little treasures….

Oreos, swiss miss, peanut butter, oreos, homemade granola, alfredo sauce, oreos, seasoning, and a few extra items which are not pictured. Oh, did I mention Oreos!?!?! 🙂

And of course it was only a matter of seconds before Stephanie, Jen and I were devouring Oreos and Peanut Butter….oh America, how I love your products!!

You definitely don’t realize how much you miss something until you haven’t had it in months and then finally have them right in front of you again! Such a great treat..such a great package ever!!

Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

..and to the rest of you…loving friends and family…my faithful readers…I now know where to go to receive packages. So don’t be shy…I won’t complain about the long walk. In fact, I will gladly walk all that way to receive a lovely package from you, 🙂


One thought on “You’ve Got Mail

  1. Hi Tatiana..
    Thanks for the neat e-mail. I love getting to share your experiences. I will enjoy Oreos and
    peanut butter with an extra bit of enjoyment.
    My love and prayers are to you.
    In His Love

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