Today wraps up our Autumn Vacation: AKA, no school all week! Due to the current lack of a multi-entry Visas, I spent the week hanging out here in Moscow along with the three other first year teachers. This week was indeed relaxing, and quite wonderful…filled with coffee, friends, sleeping in till 10 or 11, Gilmore Girls, tea with a couple British friends, a little shopping, and a bit of baking. Like I said it has been quite a delightful week!

To top off the marvelous vacation, I went to my first ballet today. Let me just say: I am officially in love with the ballet!!  The performance was a cute 2 act French comic ballet called LA FILLE MAL GARDÉE. Now this wasn’t just any ballet..it was performed in the Bolshoi Theater, and my friend, Joy Womack, had the lead female role! Now if you don’t know much about the Bolshoi, let me just quickly inform you..it’s basically the top ballet school in the world. And if you’ll allow me to brag on my friend for a bit, she is one of the first American’s to hold a lead role in the Bolshoi. We had great front row seats on the first balcony level..near the center of the theater. So as Stephanie says: I am spoiled to have THIS be my first ballet experience. And I’m okay with that, 🙂

The show was phenomenal, and Joy’s performance was outstanding. She was so graceful and right on with every move. But more than her lovely performance, is her attitude and testimony through it all. She has such a love and passion for Jesus, and is such a great example to all as she praises Him through her performances and gives all the glory and credit to God.

I really can’t put into words how incredible the performance was, how beautiful the theater is, and how privileged and honored I am to have had this experience!! I was smiling and beaming with excitement and joy for Joy (ha) the moment she stepped onto the stage. I was on the edge of my seat the entire performance, and I am so ready to go back..hopefully soon, 🙂

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