the view of a ‘not-so-snow-accustomed-foreigner’

I was sitting innocently at my school desk yesterday..probably reading blogs or something..when all of the sudden Stephanie came marching into my classroom, grabbed me by the arm, and drug me to the window. (Don’t get the wrong idea, she was not in any way being hostile!) I was so confused as to what she was doing, but by the time we were in front of the window, Stephanie was excitedly informing me that it was snowing!! Being from Colorado, she finds much more joy and pleasure out of snow fall than I do…not that I didn’t enjoy it either..just saying. Before long both of us were smiling and giddy and couldn’t believe that it was really snowing…Our first Moscow snow. Before we knew it, Vladimir was peeking out the window and also overflowing with excitement at the view.

“dees eez snow!” Vladimir exclaimed.

“Yes, yes, da, da!” We replied.

For whatever reason we all thought this exchange was hilarious and began laughing as Vladimir continued to describe the weather to us in the very little English he knows…”cold veazer, brrrr, no sun, no blue sky…” Finally we settled down, backed away from the window, and tried not to be too distracted the last couple hours of the school day.

trying to capture the flakes falling outside my window

After school, Stephanie and I rushed home, changed out of our ‘professional’ clothes, put on our new winter boots,

yes they’re warm..and comfy…and what??

and headed right back out the door to go to YAs. Upon our arrival, we babbled on about how pretty and exciting it was (truth is it mostly all melted the moment it hit the ground leaving everything very wet, slushy, and gross!) to see our first Russian snow! Our excitement was soon crushed when our friends with a few (or more) years of Russian-living under their belts informed us this was not a real Russian snow; rather a gross, slushy, wet snow. A real Russian snow accumulates and packs, providing a whiter and ‘drier’ (if you will) surface to walk on.

someone’s excited!! 😉

I guess this is what I get for being a not-so-snow-accustomed-foreigner from Kansas. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful sight of big, white, fluffy snow flakes falling all around!


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