Exceeding My Expections

As I mentioned in my previous post, our craft of the week  was to make Sock Snowmen.  I remember doing this craft as a 4th grader and thought it would be fun to do with my kids here.  It also seemed like a fitting craft to contribute to the charity auction that MES holds each December.

I made a snowman over the weekend to bring as an example for the students.

my example for the kiddos

To save time and hassle, I figured instead of the kids sewing on their buttons, we would power up the hot glue gun. However, when I arrived Monday morning, I discovered the glue gun was no longer at school. With no other option, I spent the morning mentally prepping myself to give sewing lessons, as I had no idea whether any of my students knew how to sew or not. But now as I type, I proudly share with you that my kids did indeed know how to sew. And sew they did! They absolutely loved making the snowmen and were all so creative with their individual projects. I was so proud of the outcome and ran into a problem that I have not yet had: They loved them so much they wanted to take them home!!! As a compromise, I told my students that they could make a second one and then keep one at home for themselves. Turns out, one of my boys went home that night, made a second snowman, sewed stocking hats for both, and returned to school Tuesday morning handing both snowmen over to be sold at the auction. I was floored.

Group A’s Snowman Family
Loved watching these boys get in touch with their creative side, 😉 

After Monday’s Drama fiasco with Group B, I was very hesitant as to what the outcome of their craft would be today. As this group tends to be extremely unmotivated when it comes to any type of school work, I had very little faith in their snowman-making abilities.  SHAME. ON. ME. Once again, I was extremely surprised, and thoroughly proud of my students’ effort and work. Before I knew it, I had 11 students begging for a needle and thread to sew on their buttons. Once again, a unique and creatively-made  family of snowmen was created.

Group B’s Snowman Family

It was so much fun watching and helping my kids make their snowmen.  Seeing their faces glow with pride as they showed off their final products was priceless.  All in all, I must say I am so proud of my students. They certainly exceeded my (shameful) expectations, and we now have a plethora of cute little sock snowmen in our teacher’s room just waiting ’till December’s charity auction rolls around!


2 thoughts on “Exceeding My Expections

  1. You call them snowmen families but I think with that jacket one of them has on they look like gangs…they could roll with their gangs…cause you roll the snow balls when you make them for real….

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