Let the Countdown Begin…

I’ll be home for Christmas….IN 16 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it’s December?? I sure can’t. But you don’t hear any complaining from me!! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my friends here, and am so thankful for the opportunity I had to spend the special day with them. But now, it’s all about Christmas!! The music is playing full stream, all my shopping is done, tickets ordered, and I’m all geared up to hide out in the kitchen and whip up some Christmas goodies with my mother, 🙂 All I have to do first is………well, quite a lot actually.

In crafts were sewing Christmas Stockings to decorate the school and sell at the charity auction. My kids are beyond excited for this upcoming project, and I’m quite thrilled to be doing it with them as well. I can’t wait to see their creativity shine through. I anticipate this taking a couple of lessons (meaning, the next 2 weeks), so look forward to a showcase on here once we finish up!

Drama….ooooh drama..will we ever make the deadline!?! We’re still working on last memorization, collecting costumes, and finishing up props and backdrops. The kids put in another day’s lesson of painting the scenes on Monday, but we were still not finished. Just a few finishing touches left, but I am pleased with the outcome. We have some small props to construct next week, and a song to finish learning (or have they started?? This could be interesting!) Like I said..we’re cutting it close. We perform the 16th for our parents and most likely the 4th graders. So thankfully it’s not a large performance..but one nonetheless. Likewise, you’ll be seeing more footage on this in the upcoming days/weeks.

So between the stockings and play, I do believe we’ll be plenty busy. I’m hoping nothing else comes up that we have to try and squeeze in to the next 2.5 weeks! And while my weeks are filled with school, my weekends are looking rather fun-filled as well. This Saturday a group of us are going to a live Russian musical performance of The Sound of Music. Then next weekend, Stephanie and I are hosting a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party. Looking forward to these last outtings and celebrations with everyone here before I head home. And of course looking forward to seeing many of you in a few weeks!!!

…I’ll be home for Christmas…You can count on me!

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