Progressive Optimism

We are slowly, but surely making progress on our play. A week away from the grand production and we have:

-all the props complete

-90% of the lines memorized

-45% of the costumes at school

Can we do it?!? YES. WE. CAN.

..This week has been very encouraging, and I am thankful for the extra support from the English teachers and Svetlana. Having the extra ‘Russian’ enforcement has helped kick the kids in gear and get serious!

As a side note, we have recently set up a mailbox in our classroom for the kids to send cards to each other, as well as teachers. This morning, I received a piece of mail which included a copy of “Moby Dick” and a sweet note from Masha.

“Hello Tatiana! How are you?

I want to give for you one very good book “Moby Dick”.

Pleas read this! Pleas write for my your thinnks about this book.

With Love for Tatiana

Maria Malysheva

Good By”

This was the best start to a day. Ever. My day continued to be a wonderful Friday between the encouraging progress with our play, and the numerous ‘magic card tricks’ the kids and I did together during breaks! I just love them (some days) most days. πŸ˜‰

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend of Gilmore Girls, “Moby Dick”,Β  and a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party!!

How do you plan to spend your weekend??

4 thoughts on “Progressive Optimism

  1. Can you believe that I too am planning on Gilmore Girls and a Tacky Sweater Christmas party…its like we have verly simular lives or something πŸ™‚

  2. No Gilmore Girls or Tacky Christmas Sweater party hear, but got a jump start on the weekend with “The Man Who Came to Dinner” at the one and only Dodge City Depot Dinner Theater!

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