Penguin Hats and Singing Angels

We had a grand turn out for our tacky sweater Christmas party last night.

roommates: Katya and Tanya in their tacky Christmas sweaters

Twas a fun-filled evening of snow falling outside, friends and laughter inside, and jolly Christmas music in the background. Our bellies were filled with chili, homemade rolls (thanks Jen!!), and desserts. Not to mention the smooth and ever-so-tasty gourmet hot cocoa.

I was introduced to a  new game last night called “fish bowl”. It’s a combo of descriptive words, charades, and strange noises..all with the same goal of leading your team to guess a specific word. For our group last night, this meant we got to act like penguins, elves, trolley buses, chop sticks, and many other random nouns. It also meant that none of us could contain our laughter!

game time

The night finally wound down at late-o ‘clock, and our tacky guests staggered down the 5 flights of stairs, out the door, and off to their own flats. But the silence didn’t last long before the ‘after-party’ showed up with bells jingling from their ears (literally!)

Andrew and Penny: our ‘after-party’ guests

We enjoyed a much quieter second round of ‘partying’ as we looked at Andrew and Penny’s various photographs taken around Moscow.

Wonderful friends provided great company and a splendid evening. And by the time the house was empty and everything was cleaned up, I was read to hit the sack. I’m pretty sure my eyes were shut before my head hit the pillow.

This morning at church, our kids presented their Christmas play. It was filled with lots of adorable angels. It reminded me of my glory days of ‘angelic singing’ in Christmas plays growing up.  🙂


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