What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

I’ve been sewing Christmas stockings with my kids the past couple weeks in our crafts class. I totally loved it, and they seemed to have fun as well.  Some are a little more skilled than others, but I think they all did a wonderful job and I’m pleased with the results.

So last Monday as we started the project, Svetlana took a moment to see what the kids were doing and we struck up a brief conversation on the matter. She asked me if I thought it was important for kids to know how to sew- even boys.  My answer: OF COURSE! Even if it’s just to sew on a button, I find it very handy and a good skill to acquire.  Svet kinda chuckled; so, a little nervous she did not agree and found my project a waste of time, I turned the same question to her. Thankfully she did agree with me, adding that these kids don’t know how to do enough with their hands and are far too dependent on others. (now it was my turn to chuckle.)

The conversation continued as Svetlana asked if I had learned how to sew when I was in school.  When I told her no, but I learned at home, she informed me that when she was in school they learned how to sew, bake, and be a ‘home-maker’. I explained to her that we used to have a Home-Ec class in school, but by the time I was to the age, it had mostly fizzled out and that many schools no longer include or require such a course.

And then it hit me…


I am now on the hunt for a school that offers the course, allowing me to do three of my favorite things: bake, sew, and teach!!

So if you know of a school, let me know. And if you would, put in a good word for me…please, 😉

PS. wanna know what I don’t want to be?? A play director!!! Dress rehearsal is today, and the big performance is Friday. Prayers please!!!

Be looking for a post on the final product! 🙂

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