How was your Christmas?? Mine was great–things were changed up a bit this year from previous years, but I guess that happens as family grows up and expands.  But as always, it was nice just to have all the family together for the time we had.

Well, as you can tell, since I’ve returned to the states I’ve been a little MIA on here. So sorry. I’ve just been so busy seeing family and friends, spending time with my amazing boyfriend, baking, working cattle (felt so good to be reunited with my country roots), knitting, playing in the snow, planning a spring break vacation with the family to Austria, and…not blogging. oops!

No worries though, I will be returning soon as I head back to Russia in a week. (Is it already only a week away?!) Boy, this time has flown by, but it sure has been amazing. I’m so thankful for this time I’ve had to be back home…on American soil…where I can see miles and miles…breathe fresh air…and of course, spend time with those I love most!

Happy New Year!!!


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