25 Things

1.) Love was heavy in the 5th grade air this week with Valentine’s Day!

2.) Two of my boys asked to write one valentine together because they were ‘in love’ with the same girl.

3.) I just love being an observer of this awkward age of ‘love’. -5th graders can be very funny!

4.) Due to the fact that our significant others are waiting for us in the US of A, my friend, Amber, and I celebrated Valentine’s together with some chocolate fondue, facials, and “You’ve Got Mail”.

5.) I’ve been busy this week typing our play script for “The Little Prince”… Boy. Is. It.Β  LONG. :-/

6.) The weather has warmed up quite a bit here this week (from -18F to +22F in only a few days, no joke!) It’s been quite a nice change, but is slowly cooling back down to the teens this weekend. (still in the possitives tho!!)

7.) Along with the warmer temps, we’ve been blessed with beautiful fresh blankets of snow each morning for the past few days.

8.) All of this amounts to a ‘real Russian winter’ effect, πŸ™‚

9.) 1 month from today, I will be meeting my wonderful parents, boyfriend, and (big) little brother in Austria for a week!!

10.) My little Masha is such a sweetie. She brings joy to my life each and every day through her loving hugs and thoughtfulness.

11.) She recently found out that I tutor a 2nd grade girl, so brought me a Dr. Seuss book and said, “You can use this with your little girl. It’s very funny!”

12.) Our girls bible study group started our first week of Beth Moore’s “Esther: It’s tough being a woman”.Β  I’m already enjoying it and looking forward to seeing how God challenges and speaks to me and the rest of the girls in the group.

13.) Two of my boys got in a fist fight the other day–3 times!!

14.) Tomorrow afternoon, a small group of friends and I are going ice skating then dining in at an Indian restaruant. -Totally looking forward to this!!

15.) My dad is home from missions trip in Haiti. I can’t wait to hear his stories and see pictures from his time down there.

16.) I learned how to juggle this week (but still could use A LOT of practice). –Thanks Steph! πŸ™‚

17.) A group from my church was going to spend Sunday afternoon at an orphanage, but sadly our trip got canceled, 😦

18.) I am totally hooked on “Boy Meets World” and can’t believe I am just now learning about this show. (again, thanks Steph!!)

19.) I have been so blessed and challenged through the Joy Dare–finding God’s blessings in places I don’t normally think to look for them.

20.) I’m ready for warm, dry weather so I can run outside again (doing wall-to-walls in my apartment has not been ideal).

21.) I’ve been on a soup and grilled cheese kick lately, and I’m completely OK with this, πŸ™‚

22.) TGIF!!

23.) I might be just a tad bit jealous of all you “AmerikanskiΔ­’s” 3-day weekend.

24.) But then again, I get next Thursday off for a Russian holiday.

25.) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Love you all, and so thankful for each of you!

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