The ‘Inside’ Scoop

It”s been a little while since I’ve shown you all what I’m doing with the kids. So I thought I would give you the inside scoop and showcase our work from the past few weeks.

Our current theme of inquiry (this is the overall theme that all our lessons are based on in all subjects) is “Sharing the Planet”.

our craft portraying our inquiry theme

Our students are preparing for their PYP Exhibition-the big ‘final’ project of their Primary Program-and their focusing on taking care of stray animals and the importance of animal shelters, etc.

Inquiry theme and resources-pictures and magazines
Hypothesis board
students and their pets

So in drama the other week, we read some poems, talked about rhyming words, etc., then wrote our own poems about cats and dogs…and other animals.

In crafts, I’ve kind of neglected the exhibition-specific theme, and stuck to our broad inquiry theme, choosing crafts that deal with different aspects of animal life.  We started off with food chains…

…then moved onto a butterfly’s lifecycle and metamorphosis.

Some of the kids do a much better job than others at taking their time and putting effort into their work.

It is now time to start up our new drama performance. As I mentioned ealier, we will be performing “The Little Prince”. The final production will take place at the end of May, but we will be performing a couple scenes for the PYP Exhibition at the end of April.  In these particular scenes, the Fox tells the Little Prince that, “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.”  This is our theme phrase for our PYP Exhibition.  We started the process of choosing parts today, and scripts will be handed out on Monday.  The memorization process will be underway, and hopefully happen much faster than last time, 🙂

Stay tuned for many more updates of my students and our progress with “The Little Prince”!


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