New Jeruselum

Last Thursday was International Women’s Day. It’s a pretty big deal here. On Wednesday we had a couple of assemblies in honor and celebration of this particular day, and I was showered with flowers, chocolate, and other presents from my students. We then had a 3-day weekend (no school Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), but then did have school on Sunday, making this a 6-day school week. {The fact that my Spring Break trip to Austria starts this Saturday is what is getting me through this extra long week!!} Since we had a long weekend, a group of us decided to take a day trip to a nearby town and visit New Jeruselum.

a map of New Jerusalem

We took a short tour through the monestary, but it was unfortunately under reconstruction. There wasn’t a whole lot to see, but it was still neat to see the detail and art inside. Also in New Jerusalem were some small monuments and a museum.

Inside the walls of New Jerusalem

We didn’t spend much time inside, but it was still interesting. As we walked around we came to the back exit of the monestary, and our adventure soon began.

just outside, behind the Monestary

We took a hike through the forest and came upon a rustic cabin. The landscape was so beautiful, covered in snow, on this sunny day!

We continued to follow some trails through the forest and soon came upon the river. This was about the time when we all realized how cold and hungry we were getting. While we contemplated turning around and returning, Andrew convinced us to continue on the trail, as it would loop us back around to the monestary anyway.

Andrew-building up the fire

It couldn’t have been a better decision, as we quickly discovered an abandoned campfire. So Andrew stoked it, and when the flames were blazing, we unpacked our lunches and enjoyed a riverside campfire lunch in the snow. Despite the fact that we all left reaking of smoke, the scenery was beautiful and it was the perfect discovery. Not only were our bellies satifsfied, but we were nice and toasty once again.

Jen, Penny, Ann, Stephanie

After lunch, we continued on the trail and it did indeed lead us back up to the monestary. However, before we got there, we discovered a perfect sledding hill, with slick trails already carved.ย  Jen and Steph just couldn’t resist, so they hiked up the hill, plopped onto a trash bag, and flew down the trail!

can you tell: They LOVED it!

After a few rounds, and another brave soul taking their turn, we all decided we were tuckered out and ready to head home.

Stephanie, Penny, Andrew, Sarah, Brian, Amber

It was such a great adventure with good friends. I’m so glad I could capture so many of the moments that have made up a great memory!

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