Stay-cation: Day 1

Last night we kicked off our little stay-cation here in Moscow, as we have the no school until Wednesday. Last night, Amber and I headed over to our friend Amy’s house which is located in a neighborhood called Prokrovsky Hills {aka America} for a little slumber party.  We definitely got a taste of home with her wonderful hospitality. It was an evening well spent in great company enjoying root beer floats, a home-cooked meal, campfire and s’mores. And of course, what’s a slumber party without a little dancing and a movie?! It was the perfect start to our 3-day weekend.

After breakfast this morning, Amber and I headed to Izmailovo Souvenir Market.  We had some great finds and each enjoyed purchasing souvenir’s for our future homes, 🙂 Of course we couldn’t leave without enjoying some Shashlik for lunch! As we walked out, we agreed that it was our favorite and most successful trip to the market. Of course, the fact that we had beautiful weather was a HUGE bonus!!!

tradition Russian painted dishes
Matryoshka Dolls
Shashlik vendors

We then ventured over to VDNKH Park with the intentions of renting bikes and taking a nice ride through the park.  However, the park turned out to be more of an amusement park and a pretty popular place to spend this beautiful Sunday afternoon.  So we grabbed some ice cream and walked around instead, finishing our tour with a Ferris Wheel ride.  Neither of us can remember the last time we rode a Ferris Wheel, so we were pretty excited.  The view was an outstanding panorama of the city.

enjoying the ride on this sunny afternoon! 🙂

By the time our Ferris Wheel ride was over, we were ready to head back to the apartment for a bit of downtime before we headed to Ann’s for some pizza and games.  We made Barbecue Chickpea Pizza which was an absolute hit! It’s a good thing there were three of us sharing it, or I might’ve been tempted to eat the whole thing, 😉 {Have I mentioned that homemade pizza is my all time favorite food?!} Amber also made some fresh squeezed lemonade, which was refreshing and totally hit the spot.

It was a nice relaxing evening after all the walking we did earlier. I’m so thankful for the beautiful weather and opportunity to spend so much time outside!! But now I’m off to bed. Have to rest up for another packed day tomorrow!  🙂

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