I finally watched ‘The Princess Bride’

Today was day two of our stay-cation. It was a bit more relaxed-well, at least the second half, πŸ™‚

We started the day off heading to Red Square where we walked around the sites and went inside the Kremlin and toured the Armoury Museum. Β I couldn’t believe the extent of detail and jeweling on picture frames, dishes, dresses, swords, horse halters, and more. Β It was rather astonishing, and I was a bit dumbfounded at the wealth of the Tsars and Tsaritsas of Russia. It has been nice to hear so much English {as well as other non-Russian foreign languages} over the past 2 days as we’ve been hitting up tourist attractions.

one of the Kremlin’s towers
standing smack dab in the center of the city

Once we finished our tour we headed back home, in which we decided to walk en route of Arbott. Β Once again we had lovely weather (a bit cooler than yesterday, but sunny), and were serenaded by street musicians as we walked down Arbott. By the time we got home, both Amber and I were hungry and exhausted. We realized we had been walking and standing for the past 6 hours, not to mention all the walking we did yesterday. Without hesitation, we agreed to have a lazy afternoon. Β We made some lunch and plopped down on the couch to watch The Princess Bride. Β I’ve attempted to watch this movie a couple times, all resulting in failures…until today! I know, I know, I’m a little behind on these things, πŸ˜‰

a view down Arbott

Once we were a little bit rejuvenated, we decided to get in touch with our crafty side and make button earrings using some buttons we bought at Izmailovo earlier this year. Our night was finished off with another movie, inspired by our visit to the Armoury- A Night’s Tale. πŸ™‚

so quick and easy…and crafty, πŸ™‚

Sadly tomorrow is our last day of this little stay-cation. But we have great plans for a day trip to Sergiev Posad.

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2 thoughts on “I finally watched ‘The Princess Bride’

  1. So glad you enjoyed both of the movies……two of our family’s favorites. We quote many lines from both of these movies quite frequently!!:)

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