Sergiev Posad

No sleeping in today. Noooo siree!! We were up with the sun (well, not quite because the sun rises well before 6 anymore!) and off to the train station to head to Sergiev Posad.

on the Russian Commuter train. Heading to Sergiev Posad: {taken by the nice gentleman sitting across us}

Sergiev Posad is a town in what is know as the Golden Ring, outside of Moscow. It is a popular tourist town for it’s Trinity Monestary. Other than that, there’s not a lot there…but it IS the birthplace of the Matryoshka Doll!

Touring the Monastery was very picturesque between the outside architect and color of the buildings as well as the paintings on the inside.  We didn’t really have much information on any of the buildings, so we just wandered around the grounds and went inside the churches that we could. It just so happened to be during the time of some special services, so we got to see quite a few people partake in communion, christenings, and other rituals. Parts of the grounds of the Monastery had a sort of cobblestone-farm feel to it. But overall it was bright and colorful with a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Trinity Monastery Entrance
the main church where we saw the communion and christening service
beautiful paintings like this were found all throughout the churches and archways

Once we had seen all we could in the Monastery, we ventured through the town to see what was around.  It wasn’t long before we found the perfect branch to sit on overlooking a small lake to enjoy our picnic lunch.  It was rather enjoyable until a random guy came up and apparently thought we took HIS branch, and proceeded to do all he could to annoy us until we left. It was kind of humorous, as we were in no rush to leave, despite his off-pitch singing, 😉

this lady was painting a scene of the Monastery. It was a beautiful picture!!

Our night was topped off with great fellowship at our Young Adult Bible Study. Our discussion was led by some guest speakers who talked about Praise toward God and how they practiced it daily in their lives, directing their thoughts and prayers to God through praise first. It was such an encouragement and great reminder. Amber and I were on food team tonight, and as we’re both getting restless to be back in the states, we decided to fix a meal that ‘brought home to us’.  What better way to do so than some good ole homemade Mac N Cheese!!

Unfortunately our stay-cation has come to an end. It’s back to school for us tomorrow. But fortunately, we only have 4 days (Saturday school round 2, coming right up!) and then a four-day weekend to celebrate Victory Day on the 9th.  Now, if you think I’ll be having another stay-cation, think again! That’s right..I’m going to take advantage of my last opportunity here in Russia to do a little traveling, 🙂 Stephanie, Jen, Ann, and I have a site-packed four day trip planned up in Saint Petersburg. And of course, I’ll tell you ALL about it when I return, 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sergiev Posad

  1. Thanks for the pictorial. I love the colorful buildings, but am sure glad I don’t have to paint them! I’m praising God that He blessed you with beautiful weather for your stay-cation!

    1. Yes, I don’t envy the painters. But I do commend their great work! It was absolutely wonderful weather–loving spring/summer temps here in Moscow. And it’s so much prettier, 🙂

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