11 Saturday Statements

1.) Today was our last day of Saturday school-YAY! {and it was only half a day-double YAY!!}

2.) I had a great time at Saint Petersburg earlier this week. It has a much more European feel than Moscow.

3.) I might be slightly addicted to iced coffee.

4.) Exactly four weeks from today, I will be home in the USA!

5.) An unwelcomed guest arrived last night. Her name is Allergy.

6.) I think Thai Massages are a gift from God.

7.)  While in St. Petes, we took a boat ride out to see the Peterhof which is often compared to France’s Versailles {which I’d love to visit someday.}  Despite the cold, overcast day, Peterhof was beautiful in all it’s fountain-y splendor and expansive gardens and forestry.

8.) Fountain-y is our vocab word of the week. Definition: countless fountains

9.) The boat ride was pretty fab too…As was our riverboat tour through the city!

10.) Last night I went to a friend’s house and we made s’mores. This just adds to my excitement to be home for the summer!

11.) Happy Mother’s Day Eve, Mom!!!

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