Snapshots of the Present

1. You might not understand, but I just love the emptiness of SW Kansas!!

2. Mom was gone at bible camp all week, so dad and I held down the fort. Our quality time together did indeed include an ice cream date!

3.) This is what greeted me outside my bedroom window this morning.

4.) Tommy and I are taking a road trip and going camping in West Virginia for a friend’s wedding next week. I’m pretty stoked!!!

5.) I made some Nut & Berry Granola Bars to take on our camping trip–if they last that long, 😉 {recipe will be posted soon}

6.) I may have just lived in a BIG city for the past 10 months, but the heart of me will always belong on the farm!

7.) Homemade gifts are my favorite kind, but I have this problem when I make them…I end up liking them and wishing they were for me instead!

8.) My aunt took me out to lunch today after giving me a haircut and I was introduced to a wonderful thing: Pizza Tacos

9.) I’m pretty sure I’ll be making said Pizza Tacos in the near future, 🙂

10.) I’ve started doing an online daily Bible study/Bible reading plan through SheReadsTruth.  It’s geared toward young women and has been such an encouragement to me. You should check it out!!

11.) It’s been well in the triple digits all week.  ICK!! ….I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m talking about!!

12.) Glad you’re home, Mom!!


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