Projects {checking them off the list}

At the beginning of the summer I made a check-list {surprise! surprise!} of projects to do before I move to Arkansas.  This list included both wedding-planning projects and home-making projects –refinishing furniture for Tommy and My future home. The wedding planning side of things have been coming right along. But somehow, my furniture has been pushed to the bottom of the list.   However, now that it’s down to a couple of weeks until I move, I decided it was time I get busy. So last week my mom and I worked hard and made some great progress.

First up we have the old library-desk-turned-kitchen-island.



This was my project.  It was in pretty good shape aside from a few boards needing tacked back down.  I sanded this guy down and put on a few coats of polyurethane to get it looking grand again.

In the meantime, my mom graciously took the (harder) job of cleaning up and painting an old iron head and foot board for our bed.  We found this lovely duet out in my grandparents shed, and they caught my eye right away.  I couldn’t wait till they came in contact with a little TLC.



Needless to say, this project took a little more work than we expected. My mom gave it a good powerwash, then got to spend a couple hours scraping off the old paint.  I’m happy to say her hard work paid off and after a few coats of primer and paint, it’s looking fresh and pretty!! I’m so thankful for my mom’s help on this one, 🙂

After I finished up the kitchen island, I decided to do a little simple sewing.

Unfortunately the apartment that Tommy and I are going to be living in after we get married does not have a dish washer, so when I saw this saying I knew it’d be a cute and perfect reminder to hang above our sink.

So far this week, I’ve been enjoying a visit from my nephew and continuing on some wedding planning and projects.  I have my first dress fitting tomorrow! {YAY!!!}  Be watching for a wedding update later this week!

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5 thoughts on “Projects {checking them off the list}

  1. Wow okay that was a horrible post. Forgive the spelling errors. I should be like molls and double check everything. Love and miss you dearest TASHY (not trashy).

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