DIY: ModPodge Trunk

Happy Sunday evening to ya! I don’t know about you, but this week was a doozey! I got moved down to Arkansas, and from there it’s been a whirlwind.  It’s been a mix of running from school to school with Sub Applications, back to the house to get more documents they requested, back to the school, over and over. I’m ready for this process to be over and to start getting into those classrooms.  In between school runs, I’ve been trying to unpack and organize, get acquainted with a new city, and spend time with friends who are in town for the week. WHEW! Thank goodness for weekends, right!?

Since it’s been one of ‘those’ kind of weeks, I thought it was a great time to show another one of my summer projects…a big old trunk Modpodged with the world!!

My mom found this old trunk at a flea market a few months back and bought it with me in mind.  She got home and sent me an email telling me about this treasure and said she had a great idea for it–to Modpodge a map onto it. “What a great idea!!”  I thought. And then I couldn’t wait to get home and get started! {I love having so much in common with my mom}.

So we went out and bought a couple maps…

…I measured and cut the pieces and crumpled them up…

…to add character, of course. 😉

…and then we got to work!

It’s always more fun {and faster} when you’re not working alone…Thanks Mom!

Once we got it all covered with the world and the Modpodge was dry, I was really liking the results.

For a final touch, we gave it a couple of quick coats of clear spray paint..Just to seal the deal.

That would be the man I’m marrying in 4 months…He wanted to get in on the fun too, 🙂

TaDa!! Finished product, all ready to be shipped to it’s new home.

Twas a simple project really. But one that contributes a great amount of character to the home!  Thanks again Mom, for the brilliant idea and contribution!

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