4 Months from Today!!

Pardon me while I take this moment to be that girl and announce to you all that I get to marry my best friend in 4 months from today.  I’m getting pretty excited, and am happy to say that a lot of progress was made while I was at home over the summer.  What would I do without my mom!?!? She’s been such a great help…and continues to be as I have moved two states away. THANKS MOM!!

I had my (almost final) dress fitting a couple days before I moved and I absolutely LOVE my dress. It’s just perfect! Of course my shoes came in the mail a couple days after I moved, and I can’t wait to see them in person and try them on!!! Oh boy, I’ve been gone a week and I’m already missing out on so much wedding action. {Not that I don’t have plenty to get done on this end too!!}

The day before Tommy and I came back to Arkansas, we had a second little Engagement photo shoot with our friend, Caley Love.  She did such a great job and we felt so comfortable with her. It was a blast!! She sent us a few sneak peak shots, and we cannot wait to see the rest. Oh, and, there may or may not have been a little paint involved, 😉

Anyway, before I scoot on out of here and get busy again, I just wanted to share our wedding website with you all.  Go ahead, don’t be shy. Check it out to read about each of us and how we met…and the sweet details on how he popped the question, 😉  And of course information about our wedding day!!


Love you all!

PS…any wedding/marriage advice you want to share..my ears are open!!!


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