Labor Day: rain&color

How was your Labor Day weekend? Did you enjoy the extra day to take a mini vacation?? Or did you take advantage of the time home to make progress on your to-do list!? Regardless how you spent it, I hope it was enjoyable. Mine sure was!!

my weekend reading material..SO good!!

This is the first Labor Day I can remember actually doing anything to ‘celebrate’.  The past many years were filled with cross country meets or practice, restricting my travel options. But this year made up for lost time.

surprise in our salad at Olive Garden.

Tommy and I made our way down south to visit Amber and Grant in Alabama. We all signed up to run the Color Run in Birmingham together, so we made a whole weekend of it.  While Amber and I looked forward to being reunited, we were also both secretly nervous to see if our significant others would hit it off. Our worry was unnecessary as Grant and Tommy seemed to hit if off right away as if they’d known each other for years.  This made the weekend even more fun and enjoyable.

We enjoyed a fun couple of days filled with geo-cashing, games, bowling, and just catching up on life.  Monday was the big day of our Color Run, so we loaded up in the car before the sun rose and headed up to Birmingham.  It wasn’t long into our drive that the rain hit, and refused to let up.  We checked in for our race, and made our way to the starting line.  After standing in the pouring rain and waiting impatiently to start, we were finally let lose and the fun began! The race is a 5k, and at each 1k we were sprinkled {read doused!} with a different color.  Theoretically, the majority of this powder-paint can be blown off our clothes and body and then wash off easily.  However, due to the fact that it was mixed with rain, it seemed to quickly soak through our clothes deep into our skin!  It took a good bit of scrubbing to return to our natural skin color.

Despite the rain, we had a blast. Once we started running, the rain was actually welcomed-keeping us cool and feeling refreshed.  However, we were definitely ready to get into dry clothes by the end.

After the race, we headed to the Courson’s for a cookout.  The Courson’s are a family that Amber and I knew in Russia.  They are back in the States on a year furlough, and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a mini Russia Reunion when we were all in the same city.  Our time was filled with laughter and reminiscing on Russian memories and current events.  It was such a blessing to reconnect with friends, but crazy to think that just a few months ago, we were all hanging out together on the other side of the world!

Tommy, Me, Robert, Frances, Chris, James, Grant, Amber

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