Playing Catch Up

Things have definitely picked up speed for me this week.  I’ve been in to sub almost every day so far.  They’ve all been in the same school and I’ve been back and forth between 5th and 6th grade.  It’s been fun to get to know some of the teachers and students already.  I’ve felt very welcome by them all, and the kids have been great.  Most of my time has been spent in the 5th grade, so I’ve enjoyed becoming familiar with this particular group of kids.  I have to take a brief moment to brag on this bunch of 5th graders quick and say that they are the most well-behaved, polite, and hard (quiet) working 5th graders I’ve come across in some time.  They make my experience even more enjoyable!!! I’m already enjoying subbing–teaching a variety of grades and subjects.  But it also makes me even more excited to have my own classroom!

Story time: {I love sharing stories of my students with you all, so you can see little reasons why I love teaching so much!}

Yesterday as I was checking on a student who was having a hard time focusing and getting his work done, he split off onto some tangent telling me about his new folder.

Student: I got a new folder.  My other one ripped and this is the only extra one my teacher had for me.

He pulls out a very vibrant-colored paisley folder and I work hard to stifle a chuckle.

Me: Well that’s cute. Reeeeal cute!

Student: (in a VERY nonchalant voice) Yeeeah, well….I’m a cute kid!

All I could do was turn and walk away so he wouldn’t see me holding back a laugh.  Yes, little moments like this are why I love my job!!

Today, however, I’m at home and playing catch up.  I put some BBQ chicken in the crock-pot, have salmon marinating for our Friday Pizza, and have projects needing finished.  But, I can’t leave out that Katie and I are going to enjoy this day at home together and take a break at some point for a girls movie moment, 🙂

Oh, and yes, I did say salmon and pizza in the same sentence, in case you were wondering.  Today is Alaska Pizza, which does in fact involve a Salmon Pizza.  It will be interesting, and hopefully tasty (I’m a little leery, but up for the adventure!)  Recipe will be up this weekend!!!

Have a good Friday, ya’ll!! I hope you’re enjoying the cooler Fall weather as much as I am, 🙂



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