Autumn Gardening

Until Tommy and I get married (officially less than 3 months!!) I am living with his sister, Katie, and her husband, Chris.  They bought a house about a year ago, lending plenty of little projects to keep all of us busy!  Last week, Katie and I decided to tackle a little gardening, and give her flower beds a face lift.

This pre-made bordering garden was looking shabby with a hard top-soil, weeds, and a rough rock border.  So we got to work: relayed the border, tilled up the soil, and leveled the bed so it’d be ready to plant some flowers.

I’ve grown up helping my mom in the gardens-both vegetable and flower, but didn’t really enjoy it until a couple years ago.  There’s just something relaxing about digging around in fresh dirt, and feeling productive when the hard work pays off with beautiful blossoms or bountiful harvests.  It also makes it more fun when you have someone to work together with and share in excitement with when the hard work pays off! 🙂

While Katie and I enjoyed working together in the garden, Tommy and Maggie (Katie’s dog) enjoyed watching us and soaking up the beautiful autumn weather!  Well, maybe Maggie just got bored, 😉

After a couple hours of work, we had mums, ivy, ferns, and a couple of perennials!  We’re looking forward to enjoying them this fall and the years to come!


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