Update from the Doc

Well folks, it looks like Tommy will be having surgery.  We saw the Bone Doctor on Thursday and he actually gave us the option of surgery or no surgery.  However, if he doesn’t have surgery, he’ll never have full use and motion of his arm/shoulder.  The fact that it is his dominant arm and many of his favorite hobbies (mountain biking and frisbee, just to name a couple)  are pretty much impossible without a good shoulder, we’ve decided that surgery is probably a necessity.  

Here’s the X-Ray. Take a look at that shoulder.  Now here, I’ll break it down for ya…The tendons were torn that hold his arm up and connected to the collar bone.  So right now, his arm is just kind of hanging there-causing a lot of pain, discomfort, and decrease in mobility.  The doctor said if he waited it out, things would eventually calm down-inflation and pain, and he’s only limited by his own pain.  However, if Tommy doesn’t have surgery, he wouldn’t have 100%use of his shoulder making it hard to do things overhead with this arm, such as throw a football.  After hearing that, Tommy didn’t take long to decide he wanted the surgery.

When will the surgery be?! We don’t know for sure, but hopefully sooner than later (especially with our wedding coming up!)  We’re hoping to make the appointment today and get it scheduled ASAP so we can get things taken care of and on the road to recovery!  They’ll be taking part of a hamstring from behind his knee to reconstruct the two tendons.  We appreciate your continued prayers, and will continue to keep you updated!


One thought on “Update from the Doc

  1. Tatiana, Thanks for the update. I was thinking this morning about emailing you and checking on him. You have my prayers. Love, Marietta

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