aaaand I’m back….

WOW! So it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged. Shame on me..if you thought I quit forever, I don’t blame you. But good news:::I’m BACK!!!

The past month has been filled with SO much, and I feel like this week I am FINALLY catching my breath and getting caught up on things. {{I’ve got a lot checked off my to-do list…finally!!}}

So here’s what’s been going on lately…….–a month ago, Tommy and I headed down to El Dorado- his home town, for our first wedding shower.  We were so blessed by the ladies at his church, and are thankful for the wonderful gifts and giftcards we received.  It was a lovely weekend to be down in El Do…and I loved that my mom was able to make the trip down and join the fun!

–after our weekend in El Do, mom headed up to Jonesboro with us for a few days. We had fun making our rounds to antique stores, shopping, catching up on life, and deep cleaning the apartment.

–before she left to head back to KS, we got the call that my grandfather passed away.   It was an answer to prayer as his health has been declining over the past years.  This resulted in a spontaneous trip to Pennsylvania.–The quick weekend in Pennsylvania was filled with family, beautiful Autumn colors, delicious food, and more family.  It was such a wonderful weekend, and so fun to have not only our immediate family all together, but much of the extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins…..) together as well!!

–The following weekend, Katie and I road tripped to OKC for my personal shower/bachelorette party.  I’m so thankful for my wonderful bridesmaids and friends who put the celebration together and took part in the weekend festivities. Once again, it was wonderful to be reunited with friends and family.

–Over the past four weeks that I’ve been MIA from my blogsite, I’ve had a ridiculously pesky cough/head cold.  It’s taken me to the doctor two times more than I ever wanted to go.  I’m finally feeling better, despite the lingering cough.

–Tommy’s dog, Dakota, got hit by a car, so we got a new little pup.  Juniper’s a cute little mutt who quickly won my heart.  And if you know me well, I’ve never been a huge sucker for pets. I don’t hate them, by all means, but have never been completely fond of them…until now.  Juniper also goes by June, Junebug, Juniper Rose, Juniper Breeze, lil-bit, June Balloon, and who knows what else!! Hopefully she doesn’t grow up with an identity crisis.–God has continued to provide work for me in the schools. I’ve spent a lot of time in one particular school bouncing between the 3rd grade classrooms.  I’ve had such a great time getting to know the kids and teachers, and am becoming more and more anxious to have my own classroom.

–Katie and I as well as a couple other gals have just started a little bible study group.  We’re going through Beth Moore’s James: Mercy Triumphs study.  I love Beth Moore studies and am so excited to dig into this one!

–Today, Tommy and I went to his follow-up appointment with the Ortho Sports Doctor.  We left feeling very encouraged and grateful for the doctor’s genuine care and concern.  We’ve had quite the run around with Insurance, which has been the biggest hold up in scheduling his surgery.  Unless we get answers in the next couple of days, surgery won’t be until after we get married.  Our doctor assured us that we need not be in any hurry to do the surgery-Tommy’s injury can’t get worse, and the procedure and results will be exactly the same whether he has surgery next week or in three years.  Tommy was encouraged to hit up the bike trails again, and push himself to see what he can still handle.  Really his only restriction is his own pain tolerance.

–Just a week and a half until I head home for Thanksgiving, and will be staying until the wedding.  Plans are going great, {{thanks to the tremendous amount of work my mom’s continued to do while I’ve been here in AR}} and I’m looking forward to finishing up the final touches with her!!  I can’t believe it’s only 35 days away!  I can’t wait to be Mrs. Dominguez, 🙂

PHEW!!! Well, if you made it through all that, congratulations…and welcome to the past month of my life!!  It’s been a whirlwind for sure, but I’m thankful for all that’s taken place..and God’s faithfulness through it all!!If you’ve been missing the pizza recipes, come back in the next day or two as we’ll be making a special pizza from Colorado…. (and no, it doesn’t contain marijuana).

What have you all been up to the past month? What are you thankful for today?!


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