Giving Thanks

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting a daily thanksgiving on Facebook.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the many things God has blessed us with and proclaiming our thankfulness for each one of them.  But hopefully this isn’t the only time we are thankful.

Well I’m a little behind on the whole Facebook posting thing, so I just decided to take a few moments and catch myself up on here. So here are 14 things I am thankful for…

1.) A God who loves me and chose me out of all creation to be His child.

2.) Family-despite our growing up and ‘spreading out’, I’m thankful for the love and encouragement we have for each other. The memories made and the memories yet to come.

3.) My wonderful fiance’ who makes me feel special and loved every single day.  Who is sensitive and caring, and can put a smile on my face at any given moment.  And who is going to my husband in exactly one month from tomorrow!!

4.) My parents-for raising me to love Jesus and become a follower of Christ, and for the tremendous amount of guidance and encouragement they give to me each and every day!

5.) Friends…both new and old

6.) Colorful leaves

7.) Crisp, cool air

8.) A love for baking and cooking

9.) God’s provision and the hope I have in him

10.) Coffee

11.) Memories and loved ones in Moscow

12.) Family traditions and heirlooms

13.) Christmas music (I’m doing my best to hold off from listening until after Thanksgiving, but it’s just. not. working.)

14.) The fact that in less than one week I’ll be home!


One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Today I almost got a bit teary eyed…by almost I mean fully as I was watching Timor go nuts and had the sudden urge to go the 5th grade and find you…but you werent there. I miss you friend. Love you and am so thankful for the time we had together here.

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