Home Again!

Well I’m back in Kansas for the holidays and final wedding prep!  I can’t believe there’s just a few more weeks, but thankful that our ‘to-do’ list isn’t very long!!

The past couple of days, Tommy and I plowed through our last minute to-do’s before I left and finished getting most of the apartment set up for when we get back to Jonesboro in December!  He took me to the airport yesterday in Little Rock, but before dropping me off and saying our final “See ya later!” until our wedding, we decided to take a stroll in the park and enjoy some autumn sunshine.  This park holds a lot of childhood memories for Tommy as he spent many weekends there playing soccer.  It was special to see and have him share with me. The abundance of leaves and fall colors made the park even more beautiful.

My flight left in the evening, and I had a short stop in Dallas–just enough time to see the lovely city lights and ‘fuel up’ for the final flight home.  I had a lovely welcoming part awaiting my arrival…Thanks mom, dad, and Lance, 🙂So now that I’m home, (and as mentioned before–have a short wedding to-do list) I am enjoying preparing for our family Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow.  Mom and I spent a good part of the day in the kitchen baking pies and rolls for the feast.It’s so good to be home–brown barren land, wind, and all.  I’m looking forward to being surrounded with family and delicious food tomorrow!!! Oh! And not to mention parade watching with mom in the morning! 😉

What are your Thanksgiving plans!? What’s on the menu?!


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