Pizza #8: Connecticut

This week’s pizza crew looks just a tad bit different than what I’m used to. Although I’m a bit sad Tommy missed out, the replacements were ideal, 🙂Dad had been feeling left out ever since we started this whole pizza adventure and had been asking if we’d be having Pizza Night while I was home.  I told him we could probably work something out, so for this week at least, Pizza Night continued.  We’ll see what happens over the next 3 weeks before the wedding!

As I promised last week, we backed up and tried the Connecticut White Clam Pizza.  Now let me just preface by saying:: I’m sure glad I had my dad and brother to share this pizza with!!

This pizza is very simple, and it has only a few items of topping: olive oil, cheese, clams.  I’m not the biggest fan of clams, or at least based on my lack of ever really trying them.  Tonight confirmed my lack of interest.  Because I was a little unsure to begin with, I decided to make a personal pan-size clam pizza, and then do a large beef pizza along with it.

So I set off making the usual crust, and let it rise a little while I prepped the toppings for both pizzas.  I constructed the clam pizza first, brushing a light layer of a garlic, red pepper flake, and olive oil mixture on the crust.I then topped a generous amount of mixed shredded cheese, and topped it with canned baby clams (drained, of course).  Now once again, I’m guessing that the fresh clams used in the restaurant in Connecticut helps this pizza out a bit compared to our canned clams. But what can ya do in Southwest Kansas???Once I finished topping the clam pizza, I set it aside while I topped our beef pizza with generous amounts of homemade tomato sauce, shredded cheese, and grass-fed beef from our farm.Let me also mention that this pizza was on a THICK crust! {{The yeast did well tonight.}}Into the oven they went, and 15 minutes later we had two pizzas ready to dig in to.Now as I mentioned earlier, I’m not too fond of clams, but part of this pizza making experience is actually trying each one as well. So try it I did.  I’m not going to lie, I took one bite and passed the rest on to my dad. Mom wasn’t a fan either.  But it was sure a hit for the guys.  They finished off the clam pizza before even digging into the beef pizza.Just because I wasn’t a fan, doesn’t mean I’m not going to encourage you to try this out–especially if you like clams!–It’s just not my personal preference. But hey! You can’t knock it ’till you try it! 😉


Clam Pizza


Homemade Pizza Crust


olive oil (with garlic powder and crushed red pepper added)

shredded cheese (we used a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella, but go ahead and use your favorite!)

clams (I used canned baby clams, but if you have access to fresh, I’d highly recommend!!)

Bake at 450 degrees F, for 15-20 minutes.




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