Progress and Timeouts

I’ve been home for about a week now, and it’s been wonderful and filled with so much!!!

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving at my grandparents. Despite the smaller crowd, it was nice to see the family that was there and enjoy all the delicious food.

The wedding fun has hit full force as we wrap up final details.  Mom and I have enjoyed doing some ‘crafty’ final touches..and still have a few left.  I finalized things with my wonderful florist yesterday, and am so blessed by her friendship and abundant contributions to make our day extra special.

This morning I had my final dress fitting.  I absolutely LOVE it and it fits like a charm.  My seamstress has been incredible and done an amazing job (even without having an original pattern to work with!)

We also have our marriage license–so glad this will all be ‘official’ and legal at the end of the day, 😉

On top of all the wedding accomplishments, I am proud to say that ALL my Christmas shopping is complete! I figured I better get a head start on things in this department so I don’t forget anyone and have to use ‘wedding’ as an excuse, 😉  {{‘wrapped-and-under-the-tree’, however, is a completely different story!}}

I took a little ‘timeout’ from wedding tasks this afternoon and busied myself in the kitchen making ‘Tractor Tire’ Whoopie Pies for my nephew’s 2nd birthday this weekend.  I love this kid so much! He’s growing up waaaaay too fast, but nonetheless I’m stoked to party it up kid-style this weekend!!One last thing before I get back to wedding to-do’s…

I’m so excited- I scored this old globe today for only a couple bucks!I’ve been hunting for one for the past 6 months or so. I have a fun home-decor craft in mind to put this bad boy to good use!!  {{I promise I’ll share it with ya when it gets done…just might not be for another month or so.}}I love that it’s from when the Soviet Union was still around…Moscow is still the Russian pronunciation of “Moskva” and St. Petersberg is still Leningrad!!

Alright..back to work I go!! I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week!!!

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