Keeping up Traditions

Well folks, we have officially reached the one week mark until I get to marry one fine, handsome, young man!!  I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are coming along, and how calm things are around here!weddingSo what does a gal do with one week left before the big day??  I say:: Build a Gingerbread House!!

gingerbreadhouse1That’s right, you heard me.  Wedding details have come together quickly and smoothly, so Mom and I are taking the extra time to enjoy the Christmas Season together and keep up a few of our traditions.  One of which includes building a gingerbread house.workingMost years we just buy a kit and put it together the weekend after thanksgiving after we get all the decorations put up. But since this might be one of the last years we get to do one together, we decided to go all out and make it from scratch!beginningNow don’t be too critical if it doesn’t look exactly perfect.  We’re quite proud of ourselves for sizing it up as good as we did without even “cheating”. 😉

gingerbreadhouseI love the traditions my family has made over the many years, especially around this time of year.  Some we grew out of us we got older, and some new ones took their place.  But many have continued over the years despite our age and family expansion.  And now, I’m looking forward to starting up traditions with my {almost} husband and our future family.


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