Married Life {{getting back in the swing of things}}

I’m sure many of you are wondering how married life is treating us newlyweds.  Well I’ll tell ya…It’s been great–and hectic!! Thankfully though, with school and schedules starting back up, things are slowing down here. Maybe ‘slowing down’ isn’t quite the correct description.  But we’re getting all settled and functioning better with the ‘scheduled’ lifestyle. {{I’m sure some of you know exactly what I mean}}.

Anyway, let’s rewind almost a month and let me catch you up real quick, :just marriedOur wedding was fantastic–everything I dreamed.  The day went smoothly and I felt like I was able to relax and enjoy it all 100%.  My husband and I are so greatful to all who shared the day with us, making it so so special.  We had a blast taking pictures {{shout out to our wonderful photographer:: Caley Love}}  She put together this amazing video slideshow of some of our pictures…take a look!

I’m so excited to get ALL our pictures in the mail this week!!!

Tommy and I honeymooned in the beautiful and majestic Colorado Rockies–Crested Butte, to be exact.IMG_1505We rented a cute little cabin outside of town and loved it’s coziness and the privacy.DSC02764 While we didn’t ski (and got many funny looks when asked by residence of Crested Butte), we enjoyed some hikes, shopping downtown, hanging out in coffee shops, watching “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” in a local theater, and soaking up all the snow and cold weather possible! {and trust me…it. was. cold!!}IMG_1512After a week in Colorado, we headed back to Kansas for Christmas-spending a few days at my parents, and time with my mom’s side of the family.  A couple days after Christmas, we loaded up a small U-HAUL trailer and headed east to our new cozy home.IMG_1561I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of our view, 🙂

Before we had a chance to unpack and settle, Tommy’s grandparents came up for a weekend and more Christmas celebration.  We are so thankful for the few days we got to spend with them, but I was definitely ready to start unpacking and settling in!

One and a half days plus 3 bonfires later, we were unpacked, mostly all settled, and no more cardboard boxes cluttering our floors…And ready for Tommy’s best friend, Josh, to come visit for a few days.

Friday was my day to feel like things were getting back to normal, as I headed back to school to teach a first grade class. I had the same class last semester, where they knew me as “Ms. S”.  Thankfully they weren’t too confused as I explained the name change due to getting married.  However, they advised me to have my husband change HIS last name, and one girl informed me that she’s “pretty sure her dad and their family kept her mom’s name”.  I always love hearing what the kiddos come up with, and I never fail to have at least a few good laughs each day.

Youth group started up again yesterday- so we had a full day with church, leader’s meetings, and youth group in the evening.  We’re looking forward to D-NOW in a couple of weeks, and praying for a weekend filled with worship and growth!

Aaaaaaand now we’re caught up! So as you can see, things have indeed been hectic, but filled with so much good–time with family and friends and putting together our home!  With youth and teaching underway again {praising God for multiple days already lined up this week}, and Tommy’s classes starting back up next week, our life is bound to stay busy.  But at least we’re back on a schedule, 😉IMG_1596So what about you all??? Has your year started out as crazy as ours??


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