getting crafty on my days off

Is anyone else experiencing mid-60 degree weather right now and wondering why?!? I mean, come on! It’s JANUARY!!! Where’s our snow and cold winter weather?! Maybe I just got spoiled in Colorado, and am now forgetting that I live in Arkansas. Oh well….

I’ve been teaching in a first grade class the past couple days (and was in another first grade class on Monday).  I had a lot of fun with those kids, but I can’t deny the fact that I’m looking forward to being with 5th grade again on Monday!!

The past two days in my first grade class I had one particular student who was ornery, had a REEEEEEALLY hard time staying on task, and just couldn’t seem to remember how to NOT talk. {Some of you may know a kid or two like this, 😉 }  So to help eliminate some of these problems-particularly while the kids were in line and walking down the hall-I asked my ornery student if he’d be my buddy for the day, allowing him to walk with me in the front of the line.  As I was hoping, the problem was somewhat solved. He was so on board with idea and even asked me at the end of the day if he could be my buddy EVERY time I taught there class.  Of course I said Yes! 😉

Ornery students often give you trouble in class, but they’re usually the ones that make you laugh {sometimes it’s best they don’t know we’re laughing so we stifle it in while they’re looking}.  Well, this too rung true with my ornery student in one particular instance… He ‘had to use the bathroom’ multiple times yesterday, and would often take his time doing so.  It didn’t take long for me to catch on so I started limiting his turns.  One time he came back from the bathroom and came straight to me, showing me his finger which he’d wrapped in a wet paper towel.

“Ma’am,” he said, “Do you know why I have to put this on my finger?”

“I have no clue, why?” I replied.

“Well, my finger just keeps having hot flashes, that’s why!”  was his nonchalant answer.

“Ooooh really??  I’m suuuure it is!”  I said, an immediately turned away to chuckle to myself.

And that, my friends, is one of the reasons why I love teaching!!  But I also love my days off  when I have time to get in touch with my crafty side! you remember this globe??

globeWell, I am happy to say I completed my little project with it..or, half of it.

close upWe now have a lovely, potpourri-filled centerpiece on our coffee table.  If you come to our home, this isn’t the only globe/map you will see.  My husband and I both love to travel, and love adventure, so what better way to represent it?!

centerpieceIt was really quite simple, and only requires a few things: a globe (half a globe), potpourri, super glue, and a decorative candle holder, or candy dish–whatever you want to use as the pedestal!  {{yes our Christmas tree is still up-don’t judge!  We decided since we were here to enjoy it in December, we’d enjoy it for the month of January! 🙂 }

Anyway, so that’s the latest completed project.  I’m currently in the middle of sewing curtains for our living room windows.  We have BIG glass windows the whole way across the wall, providing us a beautiful view, but no privacy!!

open viewWhat have you all been up to lately? Any time for crafting? Any projects underway??

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