This past weekend we made a quick trip down to my mother-in-laws.  We wanted to make a visit before things got too hectic around here, and we had a few things we were needing to take down.  It was a nice little visit, and felt very spring-like during this January month.frisbeeNow we’re back home, Tommy’s classes started up, I’ve been enjoying a change of pace in 5th and 3rd grade classrooms this week as opposed to last weeks 1st graders.  But sadly, I’m not coming home with near as funny of stories!!  Oh, and we’re back to winter weather.  I thought Kansas and Oklahoma had obnoxious weather patterns while living in them. Well…let’s add Arkansas to the list!brrBefore we left for the the weekend, we had a visitor show up. We call her Willow.willow Now, I’m not too fond of cats, and neither is my husband.  But we caved in and fed her-deciding that as long as she doesn’t start trying to come inside, we don’t mind if she sticks around.  After all, we DO live in the country.

Tommy’s not the only one who started classes this week. That’s right- I am officially a student again. I’m not REALLY sure if it counts, but I just like telling people I am.  Yesterday I started an online Arkansas History course that lasts only 8 weeks.  No, I’m not taking this just to get to know more about the state I live in.  I’m taking it to fulfill a requirement for my Arkansas Teaching License.  Thankfully this course was the only thing lacking for certification here and I don’t have to retake a bunch of Praxis tests.

Today is one month of being married to my bestie.  It sure has flown by…but it sure has been great!!  To ‘celebrate’, we’re going to enjoy NOT having anything on the calendar for tonight and just enjoy the evening at home, 🙂  Oh, and I’m making his favorite for supper–meatloaf!  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a recipe in the next couple of days. 😉

Have a great evening y’all!! And stay warm!!  I think I’ll go crawl under a couple more blankets myself 😉current


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