Our Special Guests

This past weekend my parents came down for a visit.  They had both been down previous to us getting married, so they had seen this area a little bit.  But it was nice to open up our home to them and show them around even more.  We had a blast with them and I am so blessed to have parents that will drive 12 hours to visit for a few days, 🙂

Their visit was short, but packed with new introductions, furniture shopping, coffee, games, good food, and lots of visiting and catching up.

After Tommy finished classes Friday afternoon, we all headed out to do some furniture shopping.  After striking out at the first two locations, we decided to stop at Andy’s Frozen Custard for a little pick-me-up before heading out to a third store.  My parents had never had Andy’s until this past weekend, and quickly found out what they were missing out on.  If you haven’t experienced Andy’s, please! drive to us from wherever you are and we would be MORE than happy to do the honors, 😉  There are SO many options of toppings, and mixtures, and methods of mixing.  It’s pretty incredible and sooooo rich and creamy.  Okay, excuse me while I run into town and get myself some more!andysJust kidding, I didn’t go, but my mouth is watering right now!
Andy’s was apparently just what we all needed because we found our furniture at the next stop and can’t wait for it to get shipped in to become a part of our home, 🙂

Later that evening, we introduced my parents to Catan.  I learned of this board game in August when I first moved out here to Jonesboro. Despite the fact that I’ve only won twice out of the numerous times I’ve played, I’m a total fan and will play it almost anytime it’s suggested.  It didn’t take long for my parents to catch on, and I’m thinking it’s safe to say they enjoyed it because THEY asked to play a second game.  {It might have had something to do with the fact that my mom won her first time to play…Way to Go Mama!!!}catanAnd I can’t forget to add the fact that we were all introduced to Anchovy Pizza. That’s right, we made it…and ate it.  The guys ‘enjoyed’ it much more than us gals, but at least we can now say we’ve had Anchovy Pizza.  {Recipe will be posted tomorrow!}  Our fancy shmancy and oh-s0-tasty coffee drinks, made by my beloved husband, were a perfect ‘dessert’ to our pizza experience. coffee

Like I said, their visit was much to short, but wonderful nonetheless.  We’re looking forward to them coming out again..and anyone else who wants to come too!!


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