What do you do when your husband leaves for a weekend of backpacking and camping with his guys??

Find a craft on Pinterest, go to your sister-in-laws house, put in a chick-flick, and have a girls day crafting.  …Or at least that’s what I did this past weekend!2I’m not the biggest Pinterester {is that even a word??? I think it is now, 😉 } ever, and for the longest time I fought the idea of even getting on. I didn’t want to get hooked.  Well, I’m slowly getting hooked.  I still don’t pin a lot, but I have to admit that I love browsing around for new crafts and recipes to try out.  The other day when I was on, I found a DIY idea and decided I just had to do it.

I bought an old empty photo frame at an antique store this summer and then used it in a wedding picture.20121215-IMG_8125I wanted to find some way to incorporate it in our house decorations, but wasn’t quite sure what to do until Pinterest stepped in for me the other day.  It’s quite simple and involved only the frame, yarn, and wooden letters.  I already had some yarn, so I headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some cheap wooden letters,  and was ready to get started. IMG_1738This was a fun, easy, and super cheap project to add one more personal touch to our goofy green wall, and I cherished my ‘girl time’ with my wonderful sister-in-law. However, I am definitely glad to have my husband back home, 🙂1


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