Pizza # 12: Idaho

This week’s pizza was from Idaho…And a great step up from last week’s!!  We of course made a few variations, and I’d love to make a trip out to Boise and taste the original for myself.  But until then, we’ll stick to our version, and I won’t be surprised if we make it again.pizza2Idaho’s Wild Forest Mist pizza is made up of 5 varieties of wild mushrooms, spicy elk sausage, roasted red peppers, provolone, and mozzarella cheese.  The secret kick is a pinch of lavender that they add to their pizza sauce.

Unfortunately, this ‘main secret ingredient’ was one we could not locate and therefore had to omit.  {Now you know why I really want to go taste the original!!}    However, the combination of the other ingredients that we did use, proved to pair perfectly together.

Our pizza came out with a nice spicy kick, covered in deer sausage, mushrooms, slices of roasted red bell {roasted by my wonderful husband!!}, and a nice handful of cheese!  We (I) decided to ‘fancy-up’ our pizza with the toppings…you should too when you make yours.  It’s kinda fun, 😉pizza1Aaaand…here’s the recipe so you can do so!!!  {12 down..38 to go!!!}


Wild Forest Mist


Homemade Pizza Crust

Tommy’s Sauce:

1 can tomato sauce



fresh garlic (minced)



Italian seasoning

crushed red pepper

*a pinch of lavender if you can find it

There are no measurements to the above herbs and spices due to the fact that Tommy doesn’t measure.  It’s all a matter of dash and taste.  To be honest, I may not have even listed all the items he used, so go ahead, find your spices, and don’t be afraid to experiment.  Taste it along the way until it has a flavor you love.  Mix it in a sauce pan until a soft boil begins. Pour onto prepared crust and spread evenly.


Deer Sausage:: browned with chopped jalapeno and garlic

Mushrooms (sliced)

Mozzarella and Provolone cheese (shredded)

Roasted Red Pepper


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