My DIY Wedding

It’s been 2 months now since I married my best friend.  And next month, it will be right at a year since he popped the big question that was answered with my YES!

Once he asked, I began dreaming, saving pictures and ideas, making contacts, and crafting up decor with my mom.  Planning and prep was in full swing! Nine months later, everything came together as beautifully as I had dreamed.  My DIY wedding was budget friendly, very personal, and all I had ever imagined.

Total Cost: $4800

How’d I do this??

1.) I networked with friends and family which cut flower and photography costs, free hair-styling, and no rent due to local home church. Not only did they help me stick to my budget, but I was able to help support their businesses as well.

2.) I searched the web to shop online and find great prices for bulk items.Here are a few specifics. {burlap for curtains, table runners, and aisle runner} {birdhouses, mini clothespins} {silk petals for aisle runner}

Our venue was the gym of my home church.  It doubled as location for ceremony and reception.  With a vintage-rustic theme, we transformed the gym using burlap, lace, old metal bird cages, kerosene lanterns, chandeliers, and mismatched china tea sets.20121215-IMG_892120121215-IMG_906820121215-IMG_820420121215-IMG_9063 20121215-IMG_9064 20121215-IMG_8281 20121215-IMG_9073 20121215-IMG_820520121215-100_0372 shelly5 shelly4 shelly3 shelly6I had my dress made by a family friend and seamstress who specializes in Wedding gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses.  Check out Diane’s Dresses.  I ordered my own lace fabric off Roe Wei’s Etsy shop, straight from China.  The waistband strip was an antique piece I picked up while I was in Russia.

The total cost: $322.00

I bought my shoes also from Etsy.HQ-0270 IMG_7341-235 IMG_7912 - Version 2-477IMG_7569-317The bridesmaid’s dresses came from Forever 21, while the Groomsmen’s gear was from JC Penny and The Tie Bar.20121215-100_0303 20121215-IMG_787720121215-IMG_7583 20121215-IMG_7830Our theme carried over in the outfits of our flower girl and ring bearer. Our precious flower girl wore an antique dress which her grandma had purchased before Tommy and I were even engaged.  It just happened to be the perfect size and style.  My mom sewed a pair of corduroy knickers and suspenders for my nephew to pair with a white button-up and bow tie.IMG_8125-583 IMG_8170-593 IMG_8326-681 IMG_8996-981 We used a minimal amount of flowers by only having bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and a small amount on the cake.  We traded table bouquets out for fresh winter greens and berries and pine cones from our trees at home.  The bouquets were made by a dear lady and mentor to me from my home church. They included: winter greens, red berries, juniper branches and berries, white rose Eskimos, brown berry branches, navy thistle branch, pine tips, spruce greens, green hypericum berries, and birch tree branches.shelly1 shelly8My dear cousin, and extremely talented pianist, Jill, was our musician for the evening.  The prologue was made up of a variety of church hymns.  My dad walked me down the aisle to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.  During the unity candle, Jill accompanied Tommy’s Best Man in singing “Love is Not a Fight” by Warren Barfield.  As newlyweds, we exited to “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers.100_0595-16020121215-IMG_8270We opted to not have a full-meal reception.  Instead we provided a hot chocolate bar and coffee bar to accompany our Carrot Cake wedding cake and homemade pies and ice cream.  One of my former youth leaders/family friend created our wedding cake: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing. Check out Diva-livious Sweets. It was displayed on my antique dressing table, passed down from my great-grandmother. Tommy’s sister, mom, and Gram baked our pies: Coconut, Pecan, Pumpkin, and Apple. The mis-matched china sets were accumulated from my Grammy, friends, and various Antique Markets and Thrift Stores.20121215-IMG_8767 100_0561-141 IMG_8282-658 IMG_8761-910 IMG_8764-913 IMG_8763-912 IMG_8762-911 20121215-IMG_8771Guest favors included various flavors of homemade jelly.  The flavors were Candy Apple, Apple Pie Jam, Blushing Peach, and Rosy Cider.IMG_8748-903Last but not least is my wonderful photographer and friend, Caley Love.  She is starting up a photography business and I am honored to be able to be her first wedding and help her build her business.  She did a fantastic job, gave us so many pictures to choose from, and both my husband and I are grateful for these images and lasting memories.  We had a blast with her and felt so comfortable and relaxed the entire time.  We highly recommend her, 🙂20121215-100_0588It was a perfect  night as we were sent off by friends, family, and sparklers!20121215-IMG_9072 20121215-IMG_9104I’m so thankful for my parents-for all their help and support in making this unforgettable day happen.  For raising me to love and serve the Lord, and their endless prayers for my husband long before we ever met. IMG_7551-311 IMG_8094-572 IMG_8469-774God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family, and now a husband and best friend that absolutely cherishes me and encourages my growth in our Heavenly Father!IMG_8217-611 IMG_8247-631 IMG_7803-399 IMG_7964-510

“Where you go, I will go.  And where you stay, I will stay.  Your people will be my people. And your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried.May God deal with me ever so severely if anything but death separates me from you.”
Ruth 1:16-17


4 thoughts on “My DIY Wedding

  1. What fun to read your blog and look at the pictures. It looked like an amazing wedding! So clever and creative… but of course it was! Congratulations to all and especially to you, Tatiana. You deserve all the happiness that is coming your way!

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