Friday List

Photo Feb 22, 6 24 56 PM1.) Yesterday I finally had a day off from teaching.  I guess I shouldn’t say ‘finally’ and make it sound so bad, because I’m feeling very blessed at the amount of teaching I’ve been getting to do lately.  God is totally providing!!

2.) The reason I had off wasn’t actually that I didn’t get called in, but the fact that I had to take my proctored Arkansas History final.  This means I’m officially done with the class and my complete Arkansas teaching licence is just around the corner.

3.) We enjoyed a beautiful spring day yesterday and did some cleaning- inside and out.  We’re finally getting to enjoy this wonderful patio set that Tommy’s mom gave us for Christmas.2013-03-07 15.22.374.)  I can’t believe it’s a week into March already. Spring is just around the corner. I’m kind of torn between enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps, and wishing that scarf and cardigan season could last forever!

5.) Tommy and I spent some time yesterday afternoon planning our garden.  We don’t have a huge area, but are planning on planting some herbs and veggies in the back, flowers in the front, and dressing up our deck with planters of flowers. We plan to put in a full day of cleaning up flower beds and planting tomorrow since it’s supposed to be so nice once again!2013-03-07 15.11.226.)  Any garden experts out there have any suggestions on how to have a successful garden?  I’ve gardened for years with my mom, but this will be the first ‘on our own’.

7.) I’m pretty excited about our pizza tomorrow evening.  It’s a different one for sure, but I have high hopes.  Oh, and I’ll try not to be a week late on posting the recipe again, 😉

8.) Tommy go me (us) David Platt’s book and bible study workbook “Follow Me”.  We’ve been going through it together and are really appreciating the way it is challenging us and our complete commitment/devotion in our walk with the Lord.  It’s very eye-opening, and a major wake-up call.  I highly recommend it!!2013-03-07 16.53.469.) One of my favorite feelings in the world is having a clean house.  {Yay for days at home to catch up on such things.}

10.) I’ve recently started to re-teach myself how to play piano.  Tommy plays by ear and is phenomenal.  Listening to him play has made me miss playing, so I had my mom send me some of my old piano books from back in the day when I took lessons.  It’s coming back slowly, but I think it’ll still be a while until I let many people listen to me. ha!

11.) I’m STILL not tired of this view.  Don’t think I ever will be, and I’ll be sad to leave it someday. I can’t wait for the trees to bud and things to green up.2013-03-07 15.11.4912.) We would appreciate anyone’s prayers as both Tommy and I are in the midst of job hunting.  God has been providing so far, and we know He will continue to. We’re praying for guidance, wisdom, and open doors, 🙂  So thankful for the connections and leads that are developing.

13.) What have you all been up to this week?  Anyone out there being hit up by spring fever? {Did I even need to ask??}

Hope you all have a great weekend!! 🙂

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