Proof of Spring on this Lovely Wednesday

While some of ya’ll are still getting snow and below freezing temps, Spring has definitely arrived here.  I have a little proof.

As the temperature has warmed, my dear Sweetums has gradually started to show his face once again.  Here’s where we started…Looking a leeeeeeeetle shaggy, don’t ya think??

2013-04-06 23.41.30
Then it was as if his face started coming out of winter hibernation.2013-04-06 23.56.31

Off the cheeks. Check out that Goatee!! We thought about braiding it…But before we got a chance, he took it one step further.2013-04-07 12.55.54

Wowza! Talk about sexxyy!!!  {Sorry ladies..he’s taken!}

But in the end, he couldn’t take it any more.  None of it. Allllll Gone!!2013-04-10 15.51.35

Once this handsome fella shows his face again, you know Spring is here and Summer is near!!!

OH, I guess I could have just told you my tulips were finally blooming.  That would have been proof enough, huh?  Oh well, 😉2013-04-09 19.32.18

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.  The weekend is slowly but surely nearing once again!!

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