Proud {and so far successful} Gardener

Do you remember that warm ‘Spring’ day we had here last month? The one that my husband and I decided to take advantage of and plant part of our garden? Well, since then we had snow and freezing temps, but also some nice rain and warm temps.  I wasn’t sure how our seeds would handle it, but they have proven to be strong and thrive.

We have peas…peas

And onions…onions

And radishes…radishes

And carrots…carrots

Some of Tommy’s herbs are obviously doing better than others, but we’re not giving up on them yet.  We’re slowly seeing some of the others poke through the top of the soil.herbs

Now that it’s April and the warmer weather has been a little more steady, we decided it was time to plant the rest of our seeds.

We started some tomato seeds inside (hopefully we haven’t waited too long on these!) And outside we added a variety of peppers, and some green beans.  Here’s hoping to more sprouts in the near future and bountiful harvest throughout the summer months!

In the meantime, I’ll just keep enjoying my lovely tulips as their blossoms continue to expand.2013-04-10 17.17.37


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